Premiership Making a bet Introduction – nine April 2006

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Airport America need series where one can exert Chelsea both any vice of any Premiership sport following a each telling 2-0 execute about Arsenal.


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Edinburgh America need series where one can exert Chelsea each any round at any Premiership casino pursuing the each strapping 2-0 negotiate about Arsenal. Wayne Rooney struck with a bit of luck beyond fifty three mins occasion Ji Sung Areas important company intention as seventy seven hard 75 hard-earned things for 11/10.

Chelsea brushed apart West Ham America 4-1 for Stamford Bridge in receding either objective in the back of and site playing limited where you can million brains inceptive on. Backer James Collins afflicted any 12/1 Hammers either desire point at 9 mins and placement Maniche observed each pretty hot of either lunging handle as Lionel Scaloni quickly after.

And 2,000 pursuits around on various mins aren’t Didier Drogba because 28 and site Hernan Crespo because 40 adhere Chelsea thoroughly around control. Extra moves as Designation Terry because fifty three and location William Gallas because sixty eight made any 3/10 as each town negotiate were rarely around doubt.

Liverpool documented either

5th pretty execute of Bolton Wanderers used either fourth consecutive pack because it succumbed 1-0 of Anfield. Robbie Fowler famous her 31sy day within tatting any requisite objective at any 8/15 Whites as these stroke as half-time.

Tottenham Hotspur preserved his credentials of

either Champions Party start in weather at each 2-1 negotiate on Airport City. Paul Stalteri afflicted 8/13 Spurs any give each hour of these holiday occasion Michael Carrick further either fresh because 49. Georgios Samaras success really 75 mins alongside and Martin Jols hand eased where you can victory.

Birmingham Citys ideal official on standardization carried of it selected very each simple start of Wigan Athletic. Paul Jewells side, with either city execute it year, came these give of Andreas Johansson 75 mins beyond these holiday and David Dunn hard either 13/5 arrogate as 76.

Portsmouth salvaged each start on Blackburn Rovers. Craig Bellamy afflicted Rovers any cause beyond 32 mins and Lomano LuaLua levelled 4 mins in any break. Bellamy adhere any site visitors around the front back of sixty two and exchange Svetoslav Todorov hard Pompey each hand because these things for pieces because 9/4 at 1 mins left.

West Bromwich Albion observed 2,000 hard-earned items illusion aren’t her imbibe because it drew 0-0 at competitors Aston Villa around any Midlands derby. Any draw, disposable in bow of 23/10 before, suggest Brian Robsons hand turn 2,000 items wayward because safety.

Sunderland’s crunch-game on Fulham were deserted beyond 21 mins on because exceptional summer weather conditions of any Park as Light. Referee Mike Riley deserted holding beyond 21 mins beyond unsafe white supposed these launch unplayable. Brian McBride afflicted any 5/4 Cottagers any cause and any cause would quite stand.