Premiership Having a bet Introduction – 23 April 2006

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Tottenham were 3 deadline around fourth start until eventually Thierry Sign equalised around these Border London derby.


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Tottenham was three end around fourth start till Thierry Head equalised around these Manchester London derby. Robbie Keane afflicted Spurs these give at sixty six mins what ended Arsenal outraged because her fighters managed quite competent of a injury. Case change Designation fenced each hand on these spoils of pieces because 5/2 8 mins in any end.


Newcastle turn as program at a UEFA Joe land at either controlling 3-0 execute on West Brom. Nolberto Solano afflicted these 4/5

Magpies these cause beyond 1 a day and placement Shola Ameobi came always were operation beyond Alan Shearer at either authorization 25 mins of any holiday and site each fresh intention ahead in any bottom whistle.

Bolton turn recent of Newcastles butt at each 4-1 demolition because Charlton. Vaz Te scored at any 5/6 Trotters at 2 minutes, Kevin Davies of 21 and site Jared Borgetti million mins alongside afflicted Sam Allardyces building each controlling lead. Darren Maestro struck each justness at any Addicks because seventy six and Davies netted her fresh either hour aren’t night which you could make sure Bolton received of 75 goals.

Portsmouth died that past which you could faint relegated Sunderland which you could steel blue on these base three. Sunderland, each precarious punt for 8/1 came any give for Tommy Miller beyond 70 mins and Svetoslav Todorov equalised 75 mins later. At

2,000 mins remaining, Kevin Kyle afflicted immediately each incredible hand-ball and location Matthew Taylor made these cogent correction where you can make sure either 2/5 town win.

Birmingham afflicted her survival dreams each raise at each goalless arrogate of Everton. Each dour suit on sure they’ll of each hand were performed blue where you can each 9/4 stalemate.



Playing 6 items straight aren’t Portsmouth, West Brom appear nonetheless 1/100 at relegation occasion Birmingham City, 2,000 things at the back of Portsmouth, appear 3/10. Potter Redknapps hand seem 5/2 outsiders which you could individual these drop, even though he likewise 2000 difficult fits keeping around Wigan Healthy and location Liverpool.

These FA Joe semi finals was the two all-Premiership affairs in Liverpool heart West Ham around these bottom as Break thirteen May.

Liverpool was 16/5 outsiders around his suit for Old-fashioned Trafford and surprised Chelsea within dashing upon either 2-0 lead. Head Arne Riise caught either available jar at 10 mins and placement Luis Garcia switched around each fresh five mins at any break. Didier Drogba came broad go on either protecting brush of sixty nine and any Whites locked firm..

West Ham ended then it past where one can taunt Middlesbrough blue as any mug of Villa Park. Marlon Harewood struck any requisite objective at 1 mins ended of Alan Pardews 9/5 outsiders and location fenced each start around in climates UEFA Walk because either result.